A Bit about Hate

Senator and Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Cory Booker (D, NJ) has accused President Donald Trump of being hateful and running a campaign based on hatred.  He warned his fellow Progressive-Democrat candidates not to run on hatred, but on love.

Booker is right about some of that.  Progressive-Democrats and Republicans (and Greens, Libertarians, etc) are unlikely to win much of anything campaigning on hate.

Yet it’s Senator Spartacus who, along with the rest of his Party, preach the divisiveness and hatred of Party’s racist and sexist identity politics.

It’s Senator Spartacus who hatefully distorted Biden’s words about being able to work with anyone, even segregationists and racists, when the task was important enough into Spartacus’ own manufactured racist beef—and pettily, too, for no other end than his own personal political gain.

Would Biden be able to work even with such a one as Cory Booker?  That’s far from certain.

Beyond that, the only ones preaching about hate are the Bookers, the Harris, and the rest of the Progressive-Democratic Party.  Others are talking about accomplishments and policies.

Where, indeed, is this love from the Progressive-Democrats? As Spartacus himself has demonstrated, they even hate their own.

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