Licensing Illegality

The New York State Assembly wants to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. The New York Immigration Coalition is completely on board and has begun pressuring the State’s Senate leadership to rubberstamp the Assembly on this. These Progressive-Democrats and their activist supporters rationalize the move this way:

He [NYIC Executive Director Steve Choi] said issuing licenses to immigrants would reduce hit-and-run-vehicle crashes, lower insurance costs and make it easier for immigrant laborers—including those working on farms—to get to work.

This is nonsense. Illegal aliens still will run from their accidents—they’re still illegal, and they would face arrest and deportation if they hung around.  This, in turn, means the license move will have little to no effect on insurance costs—just as, for instance, illegal aliens have little to no impact on the costs of other forms of insurance.

As to the other foolish claim, immigrant laborers already have no trouble getting to work, including to farm work. Only illegal aliens have this trouble. The illegal aliens could correct this problem, though, by (re)entering legally.

On that last, there is a valid beef: it takes entirely too long to get legal entry permission, and the caps on legal entry are far too low.  These, though, are not addressed at all by drivers licensing.

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