Joe Biden, Candidate for President

Bill McGurn thinks ex-Vice President and ex-Senator Joe Biden (D) would make a formidable candidate for President on the 2020 Progressive-Democratic Party ticket.  After all, he has all that Presidential campaign experience from 1988 and 2008. And he presents as an everyman with whom ordinary Americans can identify.

But McGurn also listed these two items as Biden’s rationalizations for not running in 2016 (the sheer number of rationalizations McGurn came up with also is an indicator of Biden’s viability).

…efforts of President Obama and his team to persuade him he couldn’t win the Democratic primary and therefore shouldn’t run, and what he apparently took as a veiled threat from Mrs Clinton that if he did challenge her for the nomination, her team would go dirty.

The former shows how gullible he is. The latter shows what a coward he is. We don’t need someone whom our enemies can both sucker and cow in the White House.

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