Special Treatment?

Or just another sordid example of the Left’s double standard?

Recall the 29 cops, including SWAT members who did the dawn raid on an old man’s home in order to arrest that dangerous criminal Roger Stone.

Compare that with the treatment of a member of the Hollywood elite, Lori Loughlin, who’s accused of bribery and other crimes related to the current college admissions scandal.  She’s being permitted to present herself at a local police station at a time of her convenience pursuant to the allegations.

Loughlin has made arrangements to surrender when she returns to Los Angeles, TMZ, the celebrity news site, reported.

It may be true that Loughlin “working in Vancouver, Canada” at the time arrest warrants went out, but Canadian authorities have shown themselves capable of on-the-spot arrests—like with a Huawei executive.

She has, eventually, found it personally convenient and reported to an FBI station.


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