A Premature Impeachment

No, I’m not talking about the Progressive-Democrats’ efforts against President Donald Trump in the Federal Government’s House of Representatives.

This is about Virginia State Delegate Patrick Hope’s (D) move in the House of Delegates to impeach (and presumably get a State Senate conviction) Virginia Lieutenant Government Justin Fairfax over two women’s accusations of sexual assault.  Even though Hope has decided to HIA his push pending additional conversations that need to take place before anything is filed, it’s worth considering some implications of this rush to judgment.

What, exactly, has Fairfax done? Don’t waste bandwidth repeating those two accusations; say what he’s actually done.  The accusations are serious, and they should be seriously investigated, and depending on results, Fairfax certainly should face trial, and if convicted he should face criminal and political sanction.  Nothing has been shown, yet, though.

Thus: hang a man on the basis of accusation?  Skip the whole investigation and trial bit?

Aren’t Progressive-Democrats supposed to be better than that?  Oh, wait—the Kavanaugh hearing.

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