There’s Bigotry

…and there’s bigotry.  Keep in mind that the Virginia Attorney General, yet another Progressive-Democrat in the Virginia government—and third in line for succession to the governorship behind Northam (D) and Lieutenant Governor (another Progressive-Democrat and accused of rape, which he is poo-pooing) confessed last week to doing blackface decades ago.

The hue and cry over all of this from the virtue-signalers and determined nay-sayers of all sides is loud.

What’s missing from two of these cases (the alleged rape was much more recent, and it still wants serious investigation, with the Lieutenant Governor in jail or the accusers liable for damages and possibly jail, depending on the investigation’s outcome) is any sense of forgiveness and any recognition of the ability of a man to be rehabilitated, even to rehabilitate himself.

Also missing is any sense that this sort of thing is not unique to Virginia or to Party.  Ignorant, racially stupid, and bigoted behaviors were widespread in those days, and they’re still too widespread today.

There are two aspects to apparently bigoted behavior, though.  One is seemingly bigoted behavior by those who simply don’t know any better, but on learning, correct their behavior.  Yes, it is possible that folks even as recently as 35 years ago, as the civil rights movement was getting firmly under way, didn’t understand what they were doing or were simply indifferent to the negative implications of their actions—hence the need for that movement.  Such persons especially should be given the benefit of the doubt, and they should receive forgiveness.

The other aspect is that seemingly bigoted behavior actually is the result of bigotry.  That aspect is exemplified by the then-Democratic Party’s Jim Crow laws and their Ku Klux Klan, and by today’s antifa and neo-Nazi gangs, among others.  Such persons should be given the benefit of the boot from public life.

There might seem to be a third aspect, behaving in apparently bigoted ways in order to “go along.” I lump those, however, with the actual bigots via those of the go along crowd’s abject cowardice.

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