A Stiff Sentence

Recall that Jean-Claude Arnault was convicted in a Swedish court for rape in a case that also so implicated the Nobel Prize facility that it chose not to award a Literature prize that year.  For the crime, Arnault was sentenced to jail for an interminable two years.

Now a Swedish court has convicted Arnault of a second rape.  It sentenced him, for that crime, to an additional…six months.

Sweden surely takes a dim view of rape.


Oh, and one of the items being considered in the US Congress this week is the Violence Against Women Act, which provides funding for battered-women’s shelters and other programs to prevent domestic violence and bolster its prosecution.  Here is a chance for us to draw some contrast with that European nation—or will the Progressive-Democrats succeed in making us a bit more like them as that Party insists on lighting up the Act like a Christmas tree with add-on froo-froo having little to do with the subject matter of the bill and thereby make it impossible to pass?

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