The projection is especially strong in Mary Anne Marsh, as she demonstrated in a Fox News op-ed last Monday.  Here are just a few examples.

If the House impeached Trump would the Senate do the same? It is clearly a concern for the president….

Heh.  Leaving aside the pedanticism that the Senate cannot do the same as the House—it can only try a case based on a House impeachment—the foolishness of this claim is demonstrated a couple of ways.  One is that the Senate will not convict—that would take 67 Senators—as the votes aren’t there, especially since evidence to support any sort of conviction the Progressive-Democratic Party’s House might dream up isn’t there.

The larger foolishness is that a Progressive-Democrat impeachment isn’t anything to be feared by President Donald Trump.  On the contrary, it’s a move devoutly to be wished; such a thing would demonstrate the irrationality of that Party.  Just as the Republicans’ impeachment of Clinton ended badly for the Republicans, any impeachment of Trump will end badly for the Progressive-Democratic Party: 2020 is only two years off.

Trump’s appointment of conservative justices who are indebted to him for their new posts….

This is an especially blatant projection.  Progressive-Democrats do, indeed, expect their appointees to rule according to the debt they owe their appointers.  However, Conservative judges, by their nature, rule in accordance with the text of the Constitution and of the law; they don’t rule in repayment of any debt.  Republicans know that, and so they have no expectation of repayment when they nominate and confirm.

Aside from that, a lifetime appointment, which is what Justices and Federal judges get, inures them from any sort of debt—were there any (arguendo), there can be no consequence for not honoring it.  Most folks understand that.

his [Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s] confirmation hearing left many unresolved questions, pointedly asked by Senator Kamala Harris (D, CA) and others….

There were no unresolved questions at the end of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, especially after the unusual additional episode of sworn testimony by both Dr Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh.  Harris “and others” asked no serious questions of him.

Trump is also now hedging his bets with the House by supporting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. Or so he thinks. Trump clearly believes he can flatter his way into Nancy Pelosi’s heart by promoting her as Speaker….

More projection.  Trump—and lots of other Republicans—would love to see a Speaker Pelosi, given they don’t have the majority in the coming Congress.  Pelosi will be a two-year gift for Republicans.

Last but not least is the nuclear option: Fire Mueller.

Last, but not least, this is what Progressive-Democrats would do in spades.  Trump, though, has spent all of the time since Mueller’s appointment disparaging him and his pseudo-investigation.  Disparaging and ridiculing and complaining about Mueller and his…investigation…nearly every day since that early 2017 appointment.  Mueller still is on the job, unimpeded.  Trump has made clear in word and deed that he has no intention of firing Mueller.

These are all things Progressive-Democrats would do or worry about were the shoes on the other feet.  They assume, from that, that everyone else would do the same.

Again: heh.

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