Unfair Elections

At least they’re unfair if a Progressive-Democrat doesn’t win, if a Republican wins instead.

Progressive-Democratic Party ex-Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton:

If she [Georgia Progressive-Democrat candidate for Governor Stacy Abrams] had a fair election, she already would have won[.]

Never mind that, according to Abrams and her team, all the votes haven’t been counted.  Just declare the Progressive-Democrat the winner and skip all the time wasted on petty counting of votes.

Progressive-Democratic Senator from Ohio Sherrod Brown:

If Stacey Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it.  It’s clear, I say that publicly.

Because the only way a Progressive-Democrat could lose is by the other side stealing.  Why, no one should even bother running against Progressive-Democrats.  It’s all theirs, by right of…they say so.

New Jersey’s Progressive-Democratic Senator Cory Booker:

I think that Stacey Abrams’s election is being stolen from her, using what I think are insidious measures to disenfranchise certain groups of people[.]

There it is, again.  The Progressive-Democrat should be declared the winner because she exists.  If too few people voted for her, it can’t be because too few people wanted her; it can only because too many people weren’t allowed to vote.  People who weren’t residents, who weren’t citizens, who couldn’t identify themselves….

In Florida, Broward County, after completing a State law required machine recount of the Senate race votes cast, withheld reporting the results of its recount until after the reporting deadline.  That means that the county’s count as of the prior Saturday will be the official count, an outcome that strongly favors the Progressive-Democratic Party candidate Bill Nelson.  That recount, the one Broward chose not to report on time, added nearly 800 votes to the Republican Rick Scott’s total.  But Nelson is the proper winner; he’s the Progressive-Democrat.

That, from the Party that pretends to decry voter disenfranchisement while disenfranchising nearly 800 voters.

Keep this in mind in 2020.  They’ll be at it again, in spades.

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