“Sick and Tired”

That’s what ex-Vice President Joe Biden (D) said about the Trump administration last Tuesday.

Three times this past week the forces of hate have terrorized our fellow Americans for their political beliefs, the color of their skin or their religion[.]

Forces of hate have always been with us, and they always will be—there’s evil in the world, and we’re humans, not angels.  But those forces have been spun up especially hard by the hateful, divisive rhetoric of the last couple of years, rhetoric that is an especially virulent rhetoric of the divisive rhetoric of the preceding eight years: cops act stupidly and are racist, Americans are nothing but bitter Bible-clingers and gun-toters living in flyover country, Americans are irredeemably deplorable racists and misogynists.

Americans are guilty as accused on the basis of that accusation (Judge, now Justice Brett Kavanaugh); asking why blackface on a child’s costume is racist (Megan Kelly); objecting to illegal aliens is racist; wanting to protect our national borders is racist; censoring Conservative speech on social media is appropriate; school shootings are an excuse to attack the 2nd Amendment; attempting to murder Republicans at a baseball practice is acceptable; the violence of Antifa and of the BLM is carefully overlooked; and on and on.  And all done for political gain and to signal personal virtue.

What I’m sick and tired of is Progressive-Democrats like Biden politicizing tragedy, politicizing mass murder, politicizing all speech for their personal political gain.  This is a time for mourning the murdered, for giving support and succor to the survivors and to the families of the murdered and survivors.  This is a time for mourning the survivors of tragedy and for supporting the families hit by tragedy.

This is a time for more speech, not of limiting it to “approved” speech.

What I’m sick and tired of is the rank hypocrisy of Progressive-Democrats.

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