On Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday last weekend, Mo Elleithee, 20 years a communications strategist for the Progressive-Democratic Party, said he had a daughter and a son. Then he said that if her daughter were assaulted and named her assailant, even if she couldn’t corroborate, if her claim were merely plausible (for instance, firm evidence that she had been assaulted), she should be believed and her assailant jailed.

His statement was just that broad.  He left no room for the possibility that his daughter might have named the wrong guy. His statement completely rejected any possibility of beseech[ing], in the bowels of Christ, think it possible that she may be mistaken.  It’s perfectly appropriate to put the wrong man in jail while the perpetrator continues to run free, free to assault others’ daughters.

This of course, also means that if some other woman is assaulted and then wrongly accuses his son, he must support putting his son, innocent of the charge, son in jail because a woman’s uncorroborated accusation must be believed.

There is no room for Elleithee misunderstanding here. Words are Elleithee’s stock in trade. He knew how all-inclusive his statement was. He knew when he composed his statement before he uttered it that he was subjecting his own son to his preferred outcome even if wrongly accused.

This is a key part of the Left’s ideology: accuse, hang, go to trial. And that first step can be waived if it proves inconvenient.  Even when it’s their own sons.

Keep this in mind next month.

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