A Townhall Campaign Event

This one in Navasota, Texas.  Progressive-Democratic Party candidate for Senator from Texas Beto O’Rourke is running against first-term incumbent Republican Ted Cruz, and O’Rourke had his townhall event at the VFW hall in Navasota.

This is what drew my eye to what would otherwise have been a rather ordinary campaign event.  VFW Post #4006 Commander Carl Dry:

[T]hey wanted to take the flags down, I didn’t only say no, I said hell no, you don’t take the flags off the wall. I can’t believe any American would ask us to do that and I don’t know why he wanted them down or what he was going to put up instead.

Yeah.  Why on earth would anyone claiming to want to represent Texans want to take American and Texas flags down from the VFW hall’s walls?

O’Rourke is making a habit of being contemptuous of our nation’s flag; now he objects to our State’s flag and those of the other States, too?  Just who does O’Rourke really represent?

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