The FBI’s Subpoena Response

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions told FBI Director Christopher Wray to cut the stonewalling and deliver up, promptly, the documents Congress had requested and then subpoenaed, Wray doubled the number of agents he had assigned to the task.

Wray also assured Congress he’d mended his ways.

Mr Wray’s statement pledges the FBI will be “transparent and responsive to legitimate congressional requests.” If not, Mr [House Judiciary Chairman Bob (R, VA)] Goodlatte and the House leadership must be willing to use their powers of contempt and impeachment to impose consequences.

This is a cynical sham. The target of a “Congressional request” is in no position to judge the request’s legitimacy, whether the target is the FBI or a mafia soldier.  Goodlatte needs to prepare the impeachment case, even though the Progressive-Democrats in the Senate will not approve.

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