Somebody Else

Blue Mountain School District Superintendent David Helsel, who had originally intended to arm his students with river rocks so they could throw them at intruders and thereby resist a mass shooting, has altered the plan.  He’s decided to add armed—that is, with firearms—security to his district’s protection technique.  Helsel claimed that the publicity driven by social media and the resultant NLMSM’s attention drove him to the change.

This unfortunate circumstance has increased our concern regarding the possibility that something may happen because of the media attention.

Because, like Flip Wilson’s Geraldine, it’s always somebody else’s fault.  I don’t like the NLMSM, as the half-dozen of you who read this blog know.  But it’s not the NLMSM’s fault.  It’s not social media’s fault.  Any fault is that of the ones who actually do the deeds, contributed to by those who should have known better but chose to take no preventive action.

It’s personal responsibility, not that of “others,” and Helsel seems not to get that.  This is what we have teaching our children.

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