A More Bipartisan Senate?

Senator Doug Jones (D, AL) was sworn in on Wednesday, and he claimed to be “starting fresh” and wanted to be the voice of reason.  Buried in that WSJ piece, though, was this unadorned comment by the piece’s author, Siobhan Hughes, and that is the point of this post:

Democratic leaders started 2017 expressing a desire to find common ground with Mr Trump, and ended the year so alienated from the legislative process….

They alienated themselves by rejecting all efforts at bipartisanship.  A couple of interviews at the end of the year gave the Progressive-Democrats’ game away.  Congresswoman Debbie Dingle (D, MI) said that she wanted bipartisanship and was anxious for Republicans to work with her.  Senator Ben Cardin (D, MD) said that he was interested in bipartisan solutions and he wanted Republicans to work with him to achieve them.

Not a syllable of interest in these Progressive-Democrats, or their fellows in either House of Congress, in their working with Republicans.  It’s strictly one-way.

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