New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is upset because his enormously high taxes are going to be exposed in all their fiscally painful glory by the just-passed tax reform bill.

We’re going to propose a restructuring of our tax code. I’m not even sure what they [Republicans] did is legally constitutional and that’s something we’re looking at now.  You can change the tax code. You can’t penalize my state because of its political affiliation. There’s never been a double taxation before in the history of the nation.

Cuomo and his fellow Progressive-Democrats in the State’s government have been needing to “restructure” how much they’re overcharging the good citizens of New York for some time.  That’s a separate issue.

Passing a tax law that applies the same criteria to each of our 50 States equally?  That equality is unconstitutional only if Cuomo can make the case that New York is somehow special and doesn’t deserve equal treatment under law.

Andrew Cuomo: the canonical uninformed voter.

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