Progressive-Democrats and Harvey Weinstein

I’m not going to comment on Weinstein’s guilt or innocence—after all, all we know is what the press has chosen to publish on that particular: women’s accusations and other Weinstein associates’ professions ignorance of his behavior (while lately claiming to be appalled after the Left disputed their ignorance).  I’m a throwback—innocent until proven guilty at trial, not guilt by woman’s accusation.

What interests me in this case is the status of Weinstein’s donations to Progressive-Democrat candidates for office.

Some have kept the money and are staying quiet about it: the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Senatorial and Congressional Campaign Committees, and Hillary Clinton, for instance.  Some have returned the money to Weinstein or to his donating organization and chosen not to wallow in their martyrdom about it.

However, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D, NY), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA), Senator Cory Booker (D, NJ), Senator Al Franken (D, MN), Senator Martin Heinrich (D, MN), Richard Blumenthal (D, CT), and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D, NY) have chosen to give money equivalent to the donation amounts they received from Weinstein to charity.

Notice that: they’re not returning the money.  No, they’re touting their alleged generosity in this scandal by making tax deductible donations with this tainted money.  They’re pocketing some of that Weinstein money and making us pay, with our tax money, for the “donations.”


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