The Not Good Enough Legacy

Here are some stats regarding Obamacare’s impact on our poor, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal.

More than one in three of taxed [via the individual mandate penalty] households earned less than $25,000, which is roughly the federal poverty line for a family of four.


More than 75% of penalized households made less than $50,000 and nine in 10 earned less than $75,000.


Fewer families paid the tax in 2015 than in 2014, yet government revenues increased to more than $3 billion from about $1.7 billion, as the financial punishment for lacking coverage increased.

Never mind that these honest Americans can’t afford what Obamacare has on offer, they still have to pay the tax.  Never mind that what is on offer is so bad they won’t buy it; they’d rather pay a tax they can ill afford.

This is what Senator John McCain (R, AZ) has said he prefers to Graham-Cassidy, never minding that the Arizona governor (for whom McCain claims great admiration) has strongly endorsed the bill.  This is what Senator Rand Paul (R, KY) has said is better than a bill that repeals much of the funding for Obamacare and sends it instead to the States so they can set up their own health insurance/health coverage plan markets—including State-level Obamacare, if that’s their preference—never minding that States’ Rights has been part of his mantra since his first Senate election campaign.  This is what Senator Lisa Murkowski (R, AK) seems to want to preserve over Graham-Cassidy‘s elimination of her State’s exploding premiums and imploding plan provider participation.  This is what Senator Susan Collins seems to want to preserve, never minding Maine’s governor endorsement of the bill.

The WSJ pointed out that

…the point of this coercion was to substitute the government’s political preferences for individual judgment….

Just as these four Senators are substituting their own political preferences for the individual judgments of their constituents—whom the four are betraying with their support for Obamacare over Graham-Cassidy.

Remember this for the coming primary election season.

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