Thousands of State Department and US Agency for International Development employees indicated in a survey they are worried about the future of their agencies, with some expressing particular concern about lack of support from the Trump administration and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.


Many of the more than 35,000 State Department and USAID employees responding to the survey indicated longtime frustration with the way the agencies function, including poor technology and duplicative and redundant processes that make frequent workarounds necessary. They also cited pet projects created by ambassadors and Congress, according to the report reviewed by the [Wall Street] Journal.

Well, that’s the reason for attempts in the Trump administration to efficient-ize things.  More really can be done with less money if there’s less duplication and fewer useless projects created for the sake of virtue signaling.

On the other hand,

USAID employees in the report said they are particularly concerned about the consequences of a move to fully absorb USAID into the State Department, which officials are considering.

This “concern” is just about turf preservation, not about improving efficiency—which contributes to why these kinds of problems are of such long standing.

These guys can always resign if they don’t like the new direction.  Government jobs are not an entitlement.

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