Fake News

During a recent White House press briefing, the White House press representative Sarah Huckabee Sanders was answering a question from another reporter, when Brian Karem, of the Prince Georges County Sentinel, interrupted her and his colleague (I suppose his words were more important than others’ so he was going to say them regardless of who actually was speaking) to whine about the NLMSM being called out by the Evil Administration for press’ penchant for publishing misleading rumors disguised as fact.

You’re inflaming everybody right now with those words[.]

Huckabee Sanders didn’t dignify his arrogant rudeness with a response.

Karem took his beef to MSNBC News and Chris Matthews’ show:

There are reporters who have given their lives to get news to the public and to be labeled as “dishonest” and “fake news” rankles me[.]

Indeed there have been reporters who’ve sacrificed their lives, sometimes via miserable and lingering deaths, to get news to the public.  The whining, worse, today’s inflaming pseudo-journalism and the dishonesty of reporters who print deliberately unsubstantiated rumors purveyed by carefully anonymous “sources” sullies and insults the memory of those reporters.

Guys like Karem rankle me.  But he has gotten his 15 minutes of fame with his rant.

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