Robot Employment Acts

That’s what Andy Puzder, the ex-CEO of CKE Restaurants, calls minimum wage laws.

In a survey released last month, the publication Nation’s Restaurant News asked 319 restaurant operators to name their biggest challenge for 2017. Nearly a quarter of them, 24%, said rising minimum wages.

And so we get:

McDonald’s said last November that it would install self-order kiosks in all 14,000 of its US restaurants. Wendy’s announced in February it would add kiosks at about 1,000 locations to “appeal to younger customers and reduce labor costs.”

The trend toward automation is particularly pronounced in areas where the local minimum wage is high. Eatsa, a 21st-century version of the automat, now lists seven locations in four cities, each of which will be subject to a $15 minimum wage within the next 36 months.


Taking automation to the next step, Miso Robotics and the owner of CaliBurger announced in March they have developed a robotic arm, called Flippy, that can turn burgers and place them on buns. CaliBurger plans to install them over the next two years in 50 restaurants world-wide.

And so we get the Americans over whom the Progressive-Democratic Party cries such copious crocodile tears and about whom this Party pretends to care so much—our youth, our first-time job seekers, our single moms trying to augment their incomes, our two-earner families trying to augment family income, in short, the poorest and the least among us—as the ones the most and the most immediately harmed by their precious minimum wage laws.

I haven’t even gotten to the fundamentally racist nature of minimum wage laws, born as they were as a Democratic Party Depression-era naked ploy to trap black Americans on the plantation so they couldn’t compete with white unions for jobs in the American industrial heartland.  Or the plain racist nature of today’s outcomes: the disproportionate impact on black and Hispanic teenagers who are denied entry-level jobs by the same pricing mechanism, an outcome well known to these Progressive-Democrats.  But: more welfare handout voters, they hope, raised in government dependency from their childhood.

I don’t agree that the Progressive-Democrats pushing these laws don’t understand this.  They know full well the outcomes, just as they know full well what follows from those outcomes: unemployed government dependents trapped in the Progressive-Democrats’ welfare cages, and so Progressive-Democrat (they hope) voters.

Our poor are just pawns in a cynical play for political power.

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