Who’s Trying to Bully?

Tom Perez, the new Democratic National Committee Chairman, which makes him the functional head of the Progressive-Democratic Party, has gone hysterical over his party’s loss of the Presidential election five months ago (see, especially, the opening of the video at the link to get the full flavor of his irrationality).

Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values. You didn’t win this election[.]

Aside from the utter denial of facts about who won the election, it is true that Donald Trump doesn’t stand for DNC values, which center on their fundamental belief that

the average American individual is morally and intellectually inadequate to serious and consistent conception of his responsibilities as a democrat.

That, after all, is what Hillary Clinton was saying when she said millions of Americans were irredeemable and deplorable.  That is what Barack Obama said when he dismissed millions of Americans as nothing more than bitter Bible-clinging, gun-toting denizens of flyover country.

No, Donald Trump’s values are much closer to American values than they are to Progressive-Democrat values.

And this bit:

We have a bully in Washington in the White House[.]

Actually, no.  The bully wannabe has left the building.  Wannabe because a bully can’t succeed without the willing acquiescence of his intended victim—bullies being, fundamentally, cowards, after all.  And too many Americans refused to be cowed by Obama’s threats and slurs.

When Perez isn’t being hysterical, he’s merely projecting.

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