A Thought on Filibusters and Supreme Court Nominees

In a Wall Street Journal piece on the potential for Senate Democrat obstructionism (my term) provoking an end to the filibuster as it concerns Supreme Court nominees, Kristina Peterson had this remark:

If the Senate is able to confirm Supreme Court nominees with just a simple majority, centrists in both parties fear that future presidents whose party also controls the Senate will have no incentive to pick a nominee aimed to garner bipartisan support.

What Peterson has missed, though, is that the Progressive-Democrats in the Senate have denied any possibility of bipartisan support for some time. There has been no such possibility at least as far back as 2012, when Senate Democrats announced through their spokesman, Harry Reid, that they would never work with a President Mitt Romney.

2 thoughts on “A Thought on Filibusters and Supreme Court Nominees

    • That’s true. I was concerned, though, with the larger problem that the Progressive-Democrats will not compromise with Republicans, work with Republicans, will only obstruct anything Republican. At all.
      That’s what they said through Reid, and that’s what they repeated through Schumer after Trump was elected.
      The Progressive-Democratic Party will not have bipartisanship.
      Eric Hines

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