Howard Kurtz decried the loss by the press of its gatekeeper status, exemplified by the response to CNN‘s recent smear by innuendo piece against President-Elect Donald Trump and Buzzfeed‘s immediately following overt smear piece that enumerated the carefully unsubstantiated salacious rumors about Trump which CNN had preciously withheld in its innuendo.

And with that dismay, Kurtz displayed for all to see the self-important arrogance of the press.

But with distrust of the media at record highs, the game is increasingly being played without an umpire to call balls and strikes.

Who is the press—even an honest press, did we have one—to presume to decide what is a ball and what is a strike, what is fit to print, what is suitable for the tender eyes and ears of American citizens to see or to hear?

Gatekeeper.  Gatekeeper!?  NLMSM arrogance is surpassed only by its self-evident dishonesty and bias.

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