A Disingenuous EPA

Talk about cost shifting.

The EPA is proposing a rule that will shift the cost of complying with its diktats—Superfund cleanups this time—onto private enterprise.  The rule

would cost the [mining industry] industry $171 million a year and save the EPA $527 million over 34 years

were the rule to be finalized.  Notice that: The EPA would save $527 million dollars over the 34 years–$15.5 million per year—while those $171 million per year inflicted on the industry works out to more than $5.8 billion over the 34 years.  And that’s per the EPA’s own Regulatory Impact Analysis.

Never mind that the EPA already has cost shifted at one environmental disaster that it caused, when it’s people blew out a closed mine in Colorado through their own idle carelessness and have yet to pay for the damage done and the cleanup.

Merry Christmas from the EPA.

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