Hand on the Scale

But, whose hand?

The Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee and Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton apologist Adam Schiff (D, CA) insists it’s FBI Director James Comey’s hand because Comey had the temerity (or found the courage, take your pick) to update the Congress on his reopening the FBI’s investigation into Clinton and her private, unsecured email server on which she routinely conducted State Department official business.

…Comey put an “enormous hand on the scale in a political contest” by publicizing investigators’ review of a new batch of emails that might be relevant to Hillary Clinton.

Schiff went on:

Clearly here the [FBI] director did not have the facts.  He had not read the emails. He didn’t know if they were significant or not, and I think we are seeing in all of its graphic character just why these DOJ policies exist.

He did have a salient fact though: the metadata clearly showed that many of those 650,000 Abedin emails on Weiner’s laptop were related to the Clinton investigation Comey suspended last July.  The “hadn’t read” bit is just a cynical red herring.  Of course the MFWIC hadn’t personally read all that stuff.  Equally of course, the MFWIC relied on his agents to advise him.

One salient fact Comey didn’t have, true enough: how those emails got onto the Abedin-Weiner shared, unsecured laptop.  The point of reopening the Clinton case is to answer that question and to determine the extent of the breach regarding Clinton’s abuse of State official business and her abuse of the nation’s secrets.

Schiff plainly misunderstands.  It’s his desired withholding of information that would be the hand on the scale, not its exposure.

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