Trigger Warning

American University’s student government president Devontae Torriente, in a move all too typical of our colleges and universities, wants everything taught at the school to come with a trigger warning.

The fact of the matter is, trigger warnings are necessary in order to make our academic spaces accessible to all students, especially those who have experienced trauma[.]

Sure.  Because the dear ones are unable to overcome their hurt feelings and learn to think.

Here’s trigger warning for all prospective pupils and students: American colleges and universities are rife with offensive, macroaggressive “trigger warnings” that various course materials require consideration of differing views, and these same colleges and universities have (not “may have”) “safe spaces” restricting freely spoken thoughts that encompass the entirety of the campus.

These are extremely offensive and depressing aggressions against those students who are there to learn, via the subject matter of their majors, how to think critically and rationally, how to consider opposing and even uncomfortable ideas, and how to get ahead in a real world that is indifferent to precious feelings.

Here’s an alternative action for these fragile ones: stay home in your domestic safe spaces.  The fact of the matter is the world is not a safe space, and work spaces in the world don’t come with trigger warnings.

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