That’s the subject of a Friday Wall Street Journal op-ed of a similar name.  The piece recounted the recent history of anti-cop violence and murders of cops in the performance of their duties—including protecting an hours-long anti-cop protest by the Black Lives Matter movement in Dallas, for which the police were rewarded with the murder of five of their own and the wounding of several more.

The WSJ also decried, correctly, the lack of support our police get from our political leadership from the President on down—until after those cops have been wounded or murdered, and then official condolences flow like snake oil from a salesman.

President Barack Obama (D) was cited as saying that it’s possible to decry the abuses of our justice system while expressing support for the police, and he’s right.  But Obama has demonstrated his stout belief in the sewage of moral relativism, in the wake of the Dallas police murders, by spouting carefully unbalanced statistics—unbalanced because Obama chose not to mention things like black on black murder statistics—and by carefully ignoring the racism of the Black Lives Movement and the self-serving racism of the Al Sharptons of the nation who aren’t even sincere in their racism but spout it only for their personal aggrandizement.

The piece also quoted Minnesota’s Democrat Governor Mark Dayton saying this about the shooting of Philando Castile in suburban Minneapolis:

Would this have happened if the driver were white, if the passengers were white? I don’t think it would have.

That this is a deliberately racist statement made solely for Dayton’s personal political gain is demonstrated by his careful elision of the fact the cop involved was…brown.

These things illustrate a part of what lies beneath Obama’s and his party’s divisiveness over the last few years: they’ve cynically played the race card in order to increase their political power.

Democrats represent the ideology of victimhood with Democrats as the Protectors.  And this only traps Democrat protectees in dependency on their protectors.  Liberals know this full well.

2 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. I think Obama has been tainted by his experience with the Chicago police. There have been a number of studies documenting a measure of bias in that department, ranging from subtle/unconscious to deliberate, and caused by factors ranging from a general conflict in the South Side to the overt war between the police and the Black P Stone Nation (née Blackstone Rangers). I grew up in Kankakee; the studies are documenting a long-term condition.

    Obama, though, the better policy wonk than his policy wonks, has chosen to assume that all police departments are like Chicago’s. This is consistent with his carefully naming the shooting victims in Minneapolis and Baton Rouge while just as carefully not naming the police victims in Dallas during his Q&A in Warsaw.

    Eric Hines

  2. People have noted Obama’s studied indifference (or at best muted) response to police deaths and violence in the riots. Nobody in power seems particularly interested in doing anything constructive.

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