The Greater Risk

…isn’t losing the White House, although that’s serious enough, likely as it is to cost the nation the Senate and so the Supreme Court; it’s losing the ground up contest that Republicans have been so successful with in the last few elections.

A new generation of Bernie Sanders (Senator, I, VT and Democratic Party Presidential candidate]-inspired political candidates is committing to run for state and local office, the campaign claims, a development some analysts say could shape liberal politics for decades to come….


…[Bernie Sanders’] campaign said 6,700 supporters expressed interest in running; the number was nearly 11,000 counting those interested in volunteering.

Of course, it’s their right to stand for office and to push their philosophy.

Indeed, I encourage them to do so; this is a debate our nation very badly needs to have; we need to settle this question for the next generation or so.  It does, though, put a premium on our being on top of our own game throughout this necessary debate, lest the Republic be lost.

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