Democrat Justice

This is how New York City Mayor, and proud Democrat, Bill de Blasio handles crime victims.

The enraged husband who beat a man to death with a tire iron for trying to rape his wife inside their Bronx apartment has been arrested and charged with manslaughter, police said.

“He threatened my wife,” explained Mamadou Diallo, as he was led out of the 42nd Precinct in handcuffs on Tuesday.

“He threatened my wife,” he said again, stone-faced.

More than threatened: he had stuck the poor woman several times, including with a chair, and had her clothes ripped off; it was only her blind luck that she was able to call her husband.

“I don’t want money, I’m going to rape you,” Nenegale [Diallo’s wife] recalled hearing, as 43-year-old Earl Nash forced his way into the residence after knocking on the door.

Such a terrible thing.  For the heinous crime of successfully defending his wife, de Blasio’s police department has arrested the victim’s husband.

After all, when the bad man comes and seconds count, the police will be only minutes away.  And, according to Democrat dogma, victims are supposed to wait out those minutes, die quietly, and leave it to their survivors to seek recompense.

Can we afford another Democrat in the White House and another Democrat-controlled Senate?

Elections have consequences.

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