An Accelerating Nuclear Program?

Iran keeps threatening to greatly accelerate its nuclear weapons program if the current “negotiations” break down.

While US-led world powers hold talks with Iran in Vienna to curb Tehran’s illicit nuclear weapons program, the Islamic Republic’s spies have been seeking atomic and missile technology in neighboring Germany as recently as last month, according to German intelligence sources.

Iran’s illegal activities have continued since talks between Iran and the P5+1 [now carefully relabeled “EU + 3”]…began with a Joint Plan of Action in 2013, according to German intelligence sources. The JPOA was intended to stop Iran’s work on a nuclear weapon until a comprehensive agreement is reached.

It seems they already are—have been for some time—accelerating their nuclear weapons program.

Given this, on what basis could anyone possibly accept a deal signed by the current men of the Iranian government—beginning with Ali Khamenei?

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