In a Just World

The Jordanian pilot, the one whom ISIS was wanting to trade for a terrorist in a Jordanian prison has been burned alive. Our President, Barack Obama had this to say:

Should in fact this video be authentic, it’s just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization. This organization appears only interested in death and destruction.

Notice that: “this organization.” Obama still can’t find the…something…to recognize these as Islamic terrorists.

More importantly, this should now be a no-quarter war. These terrorists, and the nations who continue to support them, have forfeited their right to exist.

But our President has no clue of justice.

2 thoughts on “In a Just World

  1. Not so much. There’s always an excuse for tolerating evil among us. It’s hard. They’ll just do us back. It’ll go on anyway.

    They’re doing us already. It’s already going on, at their behest, anyway. They’ll go on killing us and go on killing us and–because that’s their goal: our extermination.

    It’s wholly insufficient to defeat evil; it will not stay defeated. Evil must be destroyed. Full stop.

    Who’s arguing for an eye for an eye or for vengeance? That’s a straw man.

    These minions of evil must be killed. Every single one of them. Full stop.

    Eric Hines

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