Some Ally

Under pressure from its Arab neighbors, Qatar has expelled some key players in the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, whose mission, among other things, is to overthrow secular governments throughout the Middle East and replace them with MB-approved governments. Those expellees are making a beeline for…Turkey, a NATO member and supposedly staunch Middle East ally of the US.


In addition to giving asylum to the MB’s leadership, Turkey

  • is host to the Palestinian Authority’s Hamas branch “overseas command center”
  • allows ISIS to use Turkey’s territory to sell ISIS-stolen oil on Turkey’s black market
  • refused to join the US’ effort to eliminate ISIS in Iraq and Syria—Turkey won’t even allow air missions against ISIS to originate from allied bases in Turkey
  • allows “radical Islamists” to freely cross its borders with Syria and Iraq

And this:

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Saturday that 49 hostages who were seized by Islamic militants in Iraq [from the Turkish Consulate in Mosul] have been freed and safely returned to Turkey….

Given what ISIS does with its other hostages, and that coziness outlined above, this sounds like part of a payoff.

Some ally, indeed.

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