According to Friday’s jobs report, the headline number, the unemployment rate, dropped a skosh to 6.1%. But there’s more to it than that.

  • the long-term unemployed dropped to 3 million, but they’re still over 30% of all of US unemployed
  • the employment-population ratio was 59% for the third consecutive month


  • the civilian noninstitutional population was 248,229,000, up 206,000 from July, but
  • the civilian labor force was 155,959,000, down 64,000 from July

Then there’re these data:

  • nonfarm employment was up 142,000, against economists’ expectations of an increase of around 225,000 jobs
  • revisions to earlier estimates for June and July showed that the economy added 28,000 fewer jobs than initially reported
  • government figures still offer little evidence that workers are seeing higher wages or that people who left the labor force during the recession are returning in large numbers
  • the measure of unemployment that includes those working part-time but who would like full-time jobs remained at/above 12%


  • labor-force participation rate dropped to 62.8% to reach, again, 40-year lows

Now think again about those economic “gains” about which our Progressive President bragged just a bit ago.

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