A Border Crisis Stop-Gap Immigration Bill

Late Friday, the House passed this—along party lines, because the Democrats in the House wanted no part of it. The bill provides roughly $700 million, less than a quarter of President Barack Obama’s original $3.7 billion do deal with the situation. What it does is this:

  • increases funding, to $70 million, for the relevant States’ National Guards, with the funding to go directly to those States, bypassing the Federal government. This alone is anathema to Democrats
  • provides $400 million for border security
  • provides $200 million for housing and “humanitarian assistance”
  • adds more immigration judges and detention spaces
  • alters a 2008 anti-trafficking law to permit Central American kids to be sent back home without deportation hearings

Yet the Democrat-controlled Senate has gone on vacation, refusing even to consider the bill. Apparently their time off is more important than their duty. But then, this Reid satrapy has been on vacation since 2010, with some 350 House-passed bills, including more than 40 directly related to putting out-of-work Americans back to work and others related to immigration reform, simply moldering on the Democrats’ collective desks—as they refuse even to allow debate on the bills, much less actually vote on them.

Further, Obama has vowed to veto the lately passed House bill were it to make it to his desk. No surprise there; it’s a largely Republican bill, and that alone makes it unacceptable to him.

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