Obama’s “Peace Talks”

This article is triggered by Gerald Seib’s recent piece in The Wall Street Journal.

A White House statement cited by Seib:

The President…reiterated the United States’ serious and growing concern about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of Israeli lives, as well as the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza[.]

Not a word about the primary cause of those Palestinian deaths, just the outrageous moral equivalence asserted between the terrorists’ assault on Israel and Israel’s defense against that assault, and through that the tacit implication (excuse the redundancy) that those Palestinian civilian deaths are Israel’s doing.

No harm to peace-making by Obama’s Cabinet there.

And this:

Meanwhile, Israel also was squirming over the talks between the US and five international powers and Iran over the Iranian nuclear program. As it became obvious that those talks were moving in the direction of an agreement that would leave Iran with a continuing capacity to enrich uranium, Israeli discomfort grew. When the talks were extended earlier this month for four more months, it grew further. A separate issue, yes, but one that affects the atmosphere.

No, this is not a separate issue; Iran’s nuclear weapons program and the Palestinian Authority’s terror war against Israel are inextricably intertwined. Let’s leave aside the fact that Iran is largely funding and almost exclusively arming the PA (apart from the latter’s primary industry of rocket-making within the Gaza Strip (itself supplied by inputs from Iran)). Iran has as its own goal, to use Iran’s words, of “wiping Israel from the map.” What does the Obama administration, and his Secretary of State (and Seib) think Iran will do with its uranium, enriched to weapons grade? The question answers itself: Iran will attack Iran with nuclear weapons, or supply the weapons to the PA (and/or other terrorist organizations in the region—Hezbollah comes to mind) for the purpose of seeing them used in Israel.

Iran’s nuclear weapons program is as much a threat to Israel’s existence as is the PA’s constant terror attacks. The PA is a client of Iran.

President Barack Obama, and his Cabinet, surely know this. From this, another question raises itself: what is the value—in fact, what is the purpose—of Obama’s “peace talk” efforts as they concern Israel and the Palestinian Authority?

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