Rockets on Israel

The Executive Vice President of B’nai B’rith International, Daniel Mariaschin, is on the right track. In an op-ed written for Fox News, he very appropriately decried the European Union’s inability to identify, much less understand, who the enemy is in the current explosion of the confrontation between Israel and the terrorists bent on Israel’s destruction.

However, Mariaschin makes his own critical error:

Who exactly does the EU think is firing rockets at Israel?

One thing is for sure: the Hamas rockets have nothing to do with Israel’s settlement policy.

It’s true that those rockets and Israel’s settlement policy are unrelated. But they’re not Hamas rockets. When the Palestinian Authority merged with Hamas in a “reconciliation” government, those rockets became Palestinian Authority rockets.

Mariaschin, and too many others, still draw a distinction between Hamas and the rest of the PA; however, this belies the new reality. Hamas and the PA are one and the same. Hamas’ mission and goal have become the Palestinian Authority’s mission and goal.

Full stop.

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