College, and What Degree Are You Looking For, Again?

From Millennial Branding and their report The Multi-Generational Job Search (done in conjunction with, centered on a survey of “job seekers and HR professionals,” come these tidbits.

On the matter of whether going to college is, of necessity, for everyone:

[T]he majority of hiring managers (64% [2,978 respondents]) would still consider a candidate who hadn’t even attended college.


73% feel that college is only somewhat preparing students for the working world.

Then, this:

Liberal Arts majors (who are historically more focused on communications [and communications skills sought by 83% of respondents]) were shown to be the least likely to land a job, with only 2% of companies actively recruiting those graduates.

This against 27% looking for some sort of STEM degree and 18% looking for business majors (aside: these low numbers are an outcome of this administration’s poor economic policies, say I).


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