More Governance by Diktat

Rule by law, not rule of law.  Here‘s the latest Obama installment.

The president plans to make the announcement [ordering Labor to expand overtime pay requirements to include millions more workers] on Thursday at the White House, a senior administration official confirmed to Fox News. Though the administration has claimed previous executive actions had bipartisan support, officials are acknowledging that this particular move [does not.]

These aren’t blue-collar jobs covered by “collective bargaining” agreements—union contracts—either.  Now, managers and executive officers of companies will be…covered: fast-food restaurant managers, loan officers, computer technicians, and more.

There’s not even a pretense of union-management mutually agreed compensation structure in this latest government move—the Federal government is dictating to businesses how they must conduct their businesses, the Federal government is dictating to businesses how they must structure their internal costs.

No market forces allowed.  And if the law doesn’t let the Federal government do what it wants to do to us, the Feds (not us) will change the law, and the Feds will change it with, or without, our permission.

What’s next?  It’s a truism, that if something becomes—or is made—more expensive to have, buyers will buy less of it.  If labor—blue- or white-collar—is made more expensive, businesses will retain/hire less of it.  Look for slowed hiring and outright management staff reductions, either in people retained or in salaries paid to make room for the mandated overtime increases.

Then, look for this administration to change/write its own law to mandate that salaries and wages can never be reduced, and that once hired, an employee can never be terminated.  Businesses, after all, are jobs welfare programs in the Progressive mind.

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