Welcome to the Republic

Isn’t this part of what the 10th Amendment is about, guys?

Maybe some States finally are figuring that out.

Governors…have a blunt message for Congress and the White House: They’re moving ahead on job-creation, infrastructure and other matters in the face of federal inaction.

Democratic and Republican governors gathering for National Governors Association meetings say they’ve been forced to fill a vacuum created by the partisan battles in Washington that have blocked agreement on a long-term fiscal plan.

“We’re not waiting.  It would really be great for them to solve the mess here, but in the meantime we’re going to do what we can,” said Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican.

It’s not their mess to solve, albeit they’ve certainly been actively enthusiastic contributors to it.  Your States’ citizens are your responsibility.  The voters elected you to deal with the problems not to foist them off on relay them to the Federal government.

And this:

“There’s no long-term infrastructure plan coming out of DC—none,” said North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, a Republican.

Mr McCrory last year pushed through legislation changing the way North Carolina spends scarce transportation dollars.  Under the plan, projects that boost the economy, such as highways that link urban centers and relieve congestion, get priority.

In an interview Friday, Mr McCrory said the measure was partially a response to the failure of federal lawmakers to rework transportation funding.

You guys shouldn’t need one Federal action first; you should be acting on your own initiative.  When that happens, you get McCrory’s outcome: you finally stop feeding your addiction to Federal dollars, you start getting more efficiency and better prioritization, and you stop spending OPM willy nilly.

And this:

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, said the “cycle of partisanship and dysfunction” in Washington could ultimately benefit state and local governments by forcing them to rethink how they relate to the federal government.

Well, NSS.  Welcome to the world of independence and responsibility.

States’ rights come with States’ responsibilities.  Where you guys been?

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