The Democrats’ Shutdown

Good afternoon and welcome back to work, Gentlemen and Ladies of the Senate.  How was your weekend?

Did you enjoy your recess, which began Saturday afternoon?

One thought on “The Democrats’ Shutdown

  1. The media and the democrats blame the problem on the republicans for not passing a budget. Thing is, that is a blatant LIE.
    There has not been a budget passed since 2007. Even the President’s proposed 2012 Budget was voted down in the Senate 99-0-1 (1 democrat was not there).
    Since then they have been going forward with Continuing Resolutions, which allow increases or same level spending as the previous year but no real cuts other than those imposed by Sequestration. And since we have record Deficit Spending since 2008, the Debt keeps growing by leaps and bounds. This years proposed Budget was less than the four proceeding budget, but still in excess of the Pre-Obama years.

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