Make It Burn

Make the Federal government’s “shutdown” burn as many Evil Republicans as possible.  Use the Federal parks, among other government tools, to do this.

President Barack Obama’s Federal Park Service has closed all of our nation’s parks.  No one is allowed in.  Three come to mind as illustrations.  The War Memorial in DC is one, closed to our WWII veterans who wanted to visit it, in part as part of their annual Honor Flight proceedings.  However, just as they did other barriers on the north coast of France some 70 years ago, these veterans stormed the Democrats’ domestic barriers with the aid of some of those Evil Republican Congressmen and went in, anyway, and had their planned visits.  Over several days.

The Obama Park Closure also includes Mt Rushmore, which is closed.  South Dakota’s Governor Dennis Daugaard (R) offered to use state employees to keep Mount Rushmore open.  No.  Sit down, and shut up, Republican.

The Grand Canyon also is closed by the Obama Park action.  Governor Jan Brewer (R) also offered to use state assets, including state funding, to reopen and keep open the Grand Canyon.  Local businesses have committed private moneys—some $350,000—to pay for operating the Grand Canyon.  Some 2,200 people have been furloughed by this closure, and not just park employees: nearby hotel employees and those of other nearby businesses that rely on Grand Canyon tourism included in that number.

The Feds’ answer to Arizona’s offer, including private money?  No.  Sit down, and shut up.

During the government “shutdown” in 1995, the Feds accepted Arizona’s money to the tune of $17,000 per day to support keeping the Grand Canyon open.  Not this time.

Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin (R) wonders

Why wouldn’t the federal government let local communities or states assist in keeping some of these things open?

Tusayan (a town near the Grand Canyon and one which has committed $200,000 to support operations in a reopened Grand Canyon) Mayor Greg Bryan asks

If it is a policy, we need to ask, when did it take place?  When was it put into place?  It was obviously not in place in 1995 when the funds were provided[.]

I wonder.  I also note that the Obama Democrats in the Senate voted down, at the end of the week, a House bill that would have funded the Parks Service, even though, in accordance with those Democrats’ diktat, this bill included no other items—it was a “clean” bill, as demanded.

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