Here’s an example of the Republicans’ shamefulness, and perhaps of their lack of understanding of their shame.

Republicans are more terrified of Democrat threats than they are of the effort required to fight back, to take the initiative, or to do what’s right for our country—the latter two of which are why we hired them in the first place.  Tuesday’s surrender on the tax “deal” came against the backdrop of Democrats saying

they would pin the blame squarely on House Republicans if the tax hikes were not averted.

An aide to the House Republican leadership (carefully not allowing himself to be identified) said what mattered:

We had a bad hand from the start, but we’re avoiding being blamed for taking us off the cliff.

Yeah.  Avoiding blame is what’s important to the current crop of…Republicans.

They aren’t alone in the shamefulness or in the lack of understanding, though.

Senate Democrats overwhelmingly backed the deal, sold on the idea the President got far more than he gave up by getting $620 billion in tax hikes and a net of only $15 billion in spending cuts.

The official added that Obama “broke the Republicans’ backs on a 20-year pledge” not to raise tax rates.

“It is one of the most consequential policy achievements of the last couple decades,” the official said.

The…Democrats…weren’t interested in what’s best for our country, either.  Their sole goal was to destroy the Republican party.  That was their consequential policy achievement, not the recovery of a failing economy.

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