Lies of the Democrats, Part 1

Last week I concluded a series of posts on Lies of my President, the first post of which is here.  Starting this week, I’m running a series of posts identifying a number of lies from the Democratic Party and its supporters.  As with the first series, I’m not concerned with broken campaign promises.  Instead, I’m going to write about the outright lies that the Democrats and their supporters have made since Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Barack Obama took office, taking them in no particular order, but with some rough grouping by general topic.  With that, this is the first in a series of posts about the lies of the Democrats.

Last March, Democrats attacked Republican Party Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan and his budget (proposed by Ryan in his capacity as Chairman of the House Committee on the Budget, passed by the House, and ignored by the Democrat-controlled Senate) as reneging on a bipartisan budget deal capping Federal expenditures.

Ryan’s budget set spending at $1.028 trillion, less than the agreed-with-Democrats (as part of the debt ceiling negotiations) cap of $1.047 trillion.  Senator Patty Murray (D, WA) accused “Republicans” of

reneging on a deal their own Speaker shook on less than eight months ago

to spend $1.047 trillion.  Never mind that the $1.047 trillion was, that prior August, an agreed cap on spending, not a floor or guaranteed amount.

She added to this, insisting that Republicans

are threatening families across America yet again with the prospect of a government shutdown.

This, too is a lie: the only ones talking about a government shutdown at the time were the Democrats.

Last April the Democrats demonstrated their dishonesty again, this time shamefully joined by some RINOs.  The Senate voted for cloture, 62-37, to take up a bill that would violate that August budget control act by increasing deficit spending to the tune of $34 billion for the Post Office.

Oh, wait—that’s roughly the difference between the agreed spending cap and the Ryan budget.

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