You Already Have, Ace

Egyptian Prime Minister Mohamed Morsi had this to say on the third day of rioting, vandalism, desecration, and protests in and around the American Embassy in Cairo:

We will not permit any such event, any such occurrence against the embassies present in our territories.  The Egyptian people reject any such unlawful act.

You already have permitted such events.  For days.  And apparently, for days, the Egyptian people reject no such thing.

Morsi added this, too, in all seriousness:

We count on the US administration and the US people to take serious steps to put an end to that [anti-Islamic movie], because this is considered a crime against humanity and a crime against Muslims[.]

No unutterable arrogance here.  Free speech is a crime against humanity?  Free speech is a crime against Muslims?  According to whom, exactly, and by what authority?

Speaking of crimes, where is Muslim respect for our beliefs, for our free speech?

Oh, and Morsi had some boilerplate, too:

But at the same time we firmly say that this cannot be taken as a justification to assault consulates or embassies and cannot be taken also as a justification for killing innocent people.


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