Last Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, Saratoga Springs, UT, Mayor and Congressional Candidate Mia Love spoke rousingly and favorably (see related, below) of the Republican ticket for President.  Oh, and she’s black.  And a woman.

Later that night and early last Wednesday, she was brutally assaulted in her virtual world.  Because she’s black, and a woman, and apparently a runaway from the Progressive plantation house.

Here’s a screen shot of her hacked Wikipedia page, captured by Tabitha Hale:

Here’s another example, from The Daily Dot:

An American citizen, Progressives say, is a “sell-out to the Right Wing Hate Machine,” a “dirty, worthless whore,” and a “House Nigger” when s/he doesn’t toe the Party Line.

The open bigotry isn’t all of it, though.  There’s also the soft bigotry of the Left, who’ve said…nothing…about this assault.  Which is why it’s legitimate to lump the “mainstream” Progressives into the same cesspool as these actors.

Moreover, Progressives also have actively ignored the diversity of the evil conservatives and of the Republican Party’s convention.  MSNBC, for instance, covered Nikki Haley’s (R, SC) speech that Tuesday night and…no one else’s.  This with a speech card that included Mayor Love, ex-Congressman Artur Davis (R, AL), Senate candidate Ted Cruz (R, TX), and Governor Brian Sandoval (R, NV).  And on Wednesday night?  Well, they had an article on Vice President-nominee Paul Ryan’s speech, but they completely ignored Governor Susana Martinez’ (R, NM) and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s speeches immediately preceding his.

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