Coal and CO2

We get over half our national electricity supply from coal.  Nevertheless, President Obama is intent on shutting down our coal-based electricity through his EPA regulations.  This has been commented on by lots of folks.

The Obama fantasy driving this is that by killing off the US’ capacity to use coal in energy production, he’ll put a serious dent in the production of CO2.

Never mind that CO2 is not a harbinger of disastrous warming (its atmospheric warming capacity is quite trivial, especially compared to, oh, say, methane, or to the atmospheric cooling capacity of water vapor through its reflection of sunlight back into space), but a confirmation of the health of the planet.  The record, for instance, from ice cores as widely disparately collected as Greenland and Antarctica demonstrate that atmospheric CO2 increases lag global warming, not precede it.  And of course the increases would lag.  The planet warms, as from a major Ice Age, or the Maunder Minimum, or…, and life flourishes.  That life exhales carbon dioxide, and as the life spreads in the warming climes, CO2 in the atmosphere increases.

But nor the Obama administration nor the pseudo-scientists of the Global Warming Funding Project want to talk about that.  Except the latter, to change their group name to the Climate Change Funding Project.

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