One More Excuse

Politico is claiming that the Biden administration (and a couple of other nations, but it’s primarily the Biden administration) is being slow to train Ukrainian pilots in the F-16, which aircraft has been pledged by a variety of nations to Ukraine “soon.”

[T]he Biden administration has told Kyiv it lacks the school seats in its Arizona-based program to accept more than 12 pilot trainees at a time, according to three people with direct knowledge of the request.

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden’s rationalization rationale?

[T]he US has told the Ukrainian military that in addition to limited space, other countries are in line for F-16 training at the base and that it cannot break its commitments to those nations.

Because the convenience of peacetime training must take precedence over training pilots from a nation in a war for its own national survival.

If true, this is just one more disgusting Biden excuse to slow-walk aid to Ukraine.

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