Kick the UN out of New York City?

That’s what Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren suggests we do following exposure of the UN’s UNRWA’s active participation in the Hamas terrorists’ butchery in Israel last October and the UNRWA’s ongoing active participation in support of Hamas in the war that Hamas is continuing following that attack.

I think it’s high time that the United States told the UN that it’s “persona non grata” in the city of New York.
I don’t understand why New York should host an avowedly antisemitic organization. They should relocate to a more minimal place like Damascus or Tehran.

I agree with Oren’s reasons, but I don’t agree with his solution.

We should continue to keep our enemies close, and that includes keeping the UN in New York City. Aside from having these enemies speaking nearby where Americans can hear them despite the press’ efforts to put lipstick on those pigs, those diplomats and their associated spy personnel represent an equally nearby opportunity for intelligence collection by our intelligence agencies.

That’s worth the cost in irritation over the UN’s blatant bigotry.

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