That Isn’t the Problem

Gen-Z males (on the admittedly limited basis of this article, I can’t call them men) think they have a dating problem, and The Free Pressnews writer thinks it’s a demographic problem. “Sam,” an otherwise unidentified DC graduate student (unidentified because he’s that timid, see the following), had this:

“Dating right now is just walking on eggshells, honestly,” Sam, a 25-year-old graduate student in DC, tells me.
He said he hides his pro-life, non-MAGA, traditional Republican leanings by default—out of fear his dates, who are almost always on the left, might ghost him.
“You just have to assume that most girls are progressive and constantly try to make sure you don’t say the wrong thing[.]”

No, that’s not the problem. Unless “Sam” is just looking for a hookup with a flesh and blood f*k doll (in which case, ghosting is a non sequitur), his problem is that he is, to use the clinical term, a chickenshit. If those women are going to ghost him (the horror) over his right-leaning beliefs or over the differences between his and those women’s beliefs, they’re too shallow or too intolerant, or both, and in any event they’re not good enough for him. He should welcome their departure from his present and future company.

To the extent the news writer’s feverish characterization is accurate, it’s because these Gen-Z males are such beta and gamma males.

They’re also an insult to pro-life, non-MAGA, traditional Republicans, being as they are too weak to stand by their leanings.

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